I found the yoni oil at ColorWheel gallery! It is the best! I have recommended it to so many gals 🥰❤️
Marika Elliott‎
Love the body butter it was simply amazing. I use it every time I wash my hands even my man uses it. Keep up the great work. Great price as well.
Felena Ikiea‎
Website was easy to navigate. Looking forward to using my bathsalts and burn my sage. Shipping was fast.
Jessica Winnie
These are great products put together with thought and care. I absolutely love the body butter. I had to get my husband his own so he would stay out of mine. This is a must have for everyone in the winter. Would also make great stocking stuffers. Thanks Eva for introducing me to your natural products. I can't wait to try the Yoni Steam next.
Lori Wolf‎‏
Y’all this is the truth 🙌🏾 my yoni felt so good steaming, very relaxing
Tia Marie‎
Got the Yoni and Butter and I absolutely love it!!! Self love is the Best love. Treat yourself - your body will thank you ❤️
‏‎Kiengsom Imaun‎‏
Customer service was great and the herbs were very well packaged and smelled delicious I loved it.. it's very healing to a womans womb/uterus.. after having my last baby I felt it was necessary to steam.. I recommend steaming for all women because there are so many great benefits
Roc MyBraids‎
I love the body butter! It keeps my skin nice and smooth and with winter approaching, it’s definitely a must have!!
Kathy Hayward‎
I love this body butter! It is a great natural product that is great for my skin!
Alisha Adderley
Love this product. It’s great for dry skin❣️💕💕💕
Denise Wood‎
As life seems boring but really rather stressful, relax and reboot! Thank you Nyrie
Mary Buffington‎
Good stuff 🙂 Ditched the chemical garbage for all natural.
Brad Karnowski‎
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